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21 Mar 14 - 03:05

Conflict diamonds in the spotlight Conflict diamonds in the spotlight Editor's see:Charmian gooch was struggling to come online.These requests were answered by her colleague, policy overseer alex yearsley. Charmian gooch is a manager and co founder of global witness, a worldwide business enterprise that has pioneered campaigns on the link between the exploitation of natural resources, general destruction and human rights abuses.Gooch worked on a range of campaigns, including leading the overseas conflict diamond campaign in late 1998 and also worked undercover to expose the role of logging revenue in funding the khmer rouge.Global witness were co nominees for the 2003 nobel peace prize for the trouble diamond campaign.Thus, his diamonds were not myteriously named blood diamonds.Is it not true that all these diamonds are basically at the prices of people of those native countries.South africa is still struggling its year of exploitation of its resources.Granted it were in civil war as recent, the civil strife will not be minimalized. Charmian gooch:Interesting question the role of diamonds in south africa is much misinterpreted during the apartheid struggle the anc used diamonds to fund their armed struggle were these conflict diamonds the same was true in namibia with swapo who stole diamonds from the de beers mines, then sold them back to middlemen for de beers the money raised was then used to fund their war with the south african govt who occupied free airline africa.The diamond industry raped west and central africa for generations and they have done nothing for them its payback time i think we should be having a debate about raperations! (Ok bad laugh)But significantly reparations by many western companies complicit in the looting of africa is long overdue. Charmian gooch:The attraction is one of the problems its worse than drugs you look at some diamond dealers and they think of nothing else 24/7 there are many untold numbers of folks that are dependent on the diamond industry for a living from cutters Pandora Necklace Sale and polishers in india to workers in africa what they need though rather than a boycott of diamonds is the value or the diamond to stay in africa if rich over indulgent consumers in the west want to spend their money on diamonds we should let them but the money should stay where the rocks were found why is that a diamond sold for $15 dollars in sierra leone is sold for over $5000 in new york. Reston, virtual assistant, what i don't get is the mindlessness of americans who think they have to buy a diamond who the heck wants a engagement ring, at any rate?It's just playing into marketing techniques and ways and a global monopoly, i'm ladies, and i buy my own jewelry you get more for the extra bucks with the other precious and semi precious stones.Who wants to look like all the others? Charmian gooch:You can thank the diamond information center for that and hollywood!Diamonds industry don't spend over $200 million a year in advertising for nothing! Rockville, maryland, i have a more direct question much like the mervis jeweler question.If i really feel purchasing a diamond mined in sa or botswana can i do that with certainty? I recall reading a wall st journal article that almost stated that presently, one cannot determine a gem's origin by analyzing the stone.Cause, to be comfy that one is not purchasing a diamond that could benefit al qaeda or the sierra leone butchers, a person has to be at ease the chain of transfer from the mine to the store. Alexandria, virtual assistant, i was very moved by film production company, and feel uncomfortable wearing my gold now in fact, all jewelry all of the sudden seems less valuable to me.It normally won't call it a cartel for nothing. Besides that, your argument could be applied to most situations.I'm sure farmers don't get the value of crops, and deals on Pandora Jewelry i'm sure this is also true of textile workers. Perhaps the real problem is not that africa is getting a disproportionately low an area of the spoils, but maybe fifty that the price of these goods are vastly over inflated. Charmian gooch:Absolutely it can be applied to anything and there are entities trying to change that particularly as it applies to coffee etc however the disparities with diamonds are some of the most popular and most disgusting to stomach in terms of taking the rough diamond and the poverty that surrounds it in africa then seeing how it is promoted as the ultimate symbol of love. Africa is a continent rich of natural online massive implies.I am of the mind that as long as the people of these of these countries act as pawns of their brutal dictatorships they will still be exploited.Stand up on your own.

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